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Recordings and concert introductions

September 14, 2017 by admin0

During 150 Psalms in Utrecht, De Balie organized special introductions by Oek de Jong, Désanne van Brederode and Ramsey Nasr. These introductions provided a stimulating thought that let the visitors listen to the concerts in other ways. Did you miss these introductions, or do you want to read them back? De Balie collected the introductions and published them on their website. The introductions by Ramsey Nasr will be added here if they are available.

Do you want to reminisce 150 Psalms in other ways? The online TV channel Parmando24Culture made a video registration of the concerts, which will be broadcasted in the next months.

Radio station Radio 4 recorded all the concerts. These recordings will be used in their programs Musica Religiosa, on Saturday mornings, and Tussen Hemel en Aarde, on Sunday mornings.

It is also possible to order the program book of 150 Psalms in our web shop.


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